domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

How Our Brians Work

Our brain is divided into two halves or hemispheres. Each hemisphere controls numerous function of our body. For example the left hemisphere controls mostly the logical, analytical, rational, and objective part of our body such as math, science, speech, and language. Besides that, the left hemisphere controls the right side of our body. On the other hand, the right hemisphere controls mostly the creative, intuitive, and subjective part of our body. For example, it controls our spatial abilities, face recognition, artistic ability, our visual imagery, and of course, the right side our body. The corpus callosum is "an arched bridge of nervous tissue" that allows the communication of both hemispheres by connecting them together.
The study of a French surgeon and anthropologist named Paul Broca discovered the speech center which is also called after him: the Broca´s area. The neuropsychiatric study of Carl Wernicke discovered the receptive language area named the Wernicke´s area.
Slip-Brian Experiments carried by neuroscientists such as Roger Sperry consisted in cutting the corpus callosum, which prevented information being carried out from one hemisphere to another. One of the experiments they used on patients was chimeric figures or a half-and-half picture, like the one at the right. They located a dot in the middle of the forehead and the patient would focus on that point. When he/she was asked what the picture was the patient would usually say that it was a man because the information of the man went to his/her left side of the brain which controls our speech. Though, if the patient was to point what was the picture, he/she would have pointed the woman because the right hemisphere controls our visual imagery.
Besides the two hemispheres, we have four lobes that also have an important role in the function of our body. For example, the occipital lobe is responsible for our vision and the temporal lobe is responsible for our hearing and language. Then, the frontal lobe is responsible for judgment and reasoning and exact calculations while the parietal lobe is responsible for approximate math calculations.

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