miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Teenage Brain

According to a television program called "The Teenage Brain", teenagers typically need nine hours and a half of sleep because the less time we sleep the more damage we are causing to our brain to be able to develop and learn. Most teenagers sleep seven hours and a half, which complicates a student´s learning in school. Therefore, as a student and as a teenager who doesnt get much sleep, I claim less homework because too much homework delays a teenager´s sleep hour. We should be given homework for subjects that need to be practiced daily like math, reading and/or writing, but without the teacher exceeding. If teachers did a fairly good job explaining new lessons, then there is no need to always be assigning homework. Doing this will help us balance our extracurricular activities with school projects and homework. For instance, I am part of extracurricular activities in my school like sports but I can’t set them apart of my schedule for homework because I am willing to help my school and to take care of my health. I confess I have missed basketball and volleyball practices due to group projects, but that doesn’t mean I can always miss practice because I may not make it in the team. Therefore, we should have a limited amount of homework that requires good but not exaggerating hours of practice because practicing school stuff helps us as well in the future for college and jobs. Having a good basketball practice with my team and solving math problems daily for an hour or so makes me feel balanced and satisfied.
Also, schools in the United States have come up with another solution do to the lack of sleep of students. They decided to start school an hour later. Students and some teachers noticed a positive difference in students. For example, they were more aware of what was going on and as a result they participated more in class. That may as well help my school which starts at 7:30am.

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