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Nature vs Nurture: Athelitc Ability

There have been debatable and controversial topics in Psychology in terms of nature vs. nurture. In class we have been discussing these topics, which are not easy to get into a conclusion. One of the topics I was interested was athletic ability because I am an athlete. I think it involves both environmental aspects and genetic aspects. I believe it may be both because my school is nationally into basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Also, I believed it was genetic because my father was a great athlete as well. Though, environmental aspects have a related to environmental because I my mother wasn’t an athlete, my father had interests in other sports, and because both my parents have encouraged me to play sports for my health and for fun.

Studies say it may be genetic because to be able to be a great athlete like a basketball player or a gymnast, the height required, which is a genetic characteristic, has to be at least 6 feet. Other studies say it may be environmental because you may live in an athletic environment in which daily you are taught and motivated to play. I believe that both nature and nurture have an effect on athletic ability, though I believe it is more environmental than genetic for the following facts and reasons.

I must say, it makes sense why athletic ability is genetic. Parents who were into sports end up having athletic children. Though, it makes more sense to me that since parents were involved into sports, it is obvious that environmentally, children will be taught and motivated into sports like their parents. Therefore I believe that both nature and nurture impact athletic ability though nurture impacts more. Darrell, the author of the website called Nature vs. Nurture in Sports, has convinced me more than I was convinced that that athletic ability is more related with the environment. An example I found in the website was that a great 3-point shooter NBA player named Reggie Miller had leg deformities. Fortunately, he was treated and became a great basketball star. Therefore, he was not an athlete at birth. He had the potential to be one for his height and for his concentration in basketball.

A characteristic of nature is height. Reggie measures 6’6, which a great height that enabled him to play basketball. The previous website had an interesting question: “If Reggie was 5’6, would he have made it into the NBA?” The answer was: “he would have never made it”. I strongly disagree. 5’6 in not a height required in basketball. However, if his environment strongly motivated him to play basketball, he would certainly not be genetically tall in height, but he would be huge environmentally at playing basketball. What I am trying to state here is that if his environment had presented him basketball, Reggie becoming a star would depend on his reaction toward basketball, if we wouldn’t base it on height. He could be talented even though his measure wouldn’t reach 6 feet because the environment impacted his motivation to basketball not his height.

I measure 5’5, which means I am not qualified as a basketball player or a volleyball player. Though, my environment at school encourages me into sports by providing basketball and volleyball practices as well as soccer practices. My school also hosts national tournaments. I represent my school nationally in volleyball and basketball for the encouragement I get in my school and not because of my height.

In conclusion, both the environment and the genetics have to do with athletic ability. Though, I have concluded that athletic ability is pulled more toward the nurture side than to the nature side. If our environment encourages us to practice a sport, we may succeed without being based in height. If your father or your mother was a huge athlete it doesn’t mean you are going to end up being as great athletes as they were if your aren’t motivated. Therefore nature and nurture have an effect on athletic ability, but nurture overcomes nature in this topic.

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  1. Good pictures. I agree with your position towards the topic. Height doesnt matter, well sometimes ;).

  2. Excellent work! You really nailed this subject. You provided specific examples and personal experiences to support the evidence of athletic ability. I really liked your status and information towards this theme!